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BrowseAloud Software Added to Belleville Public Library Website  22 February 2012

In Touch With Online Accessibility.

Reading online content may be a challenge for individuals with mild visual impairments, literacy difficulties, dyslexia or where English is a Second Language. Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery has joined forces with the leading text-to-speech software BrowseAloud to help increase, maintain and improve the functional capabilities of people with such disabilities.

The assistive technology provides website visitors with numerous features, making their online experience more interactive. BrowseAloud reads all accessible content aloud, and highlights each word as it is spoken, providing an audio-reinforcement for individuals visiting the Belleville Public Library website -

End users simply download the software for free from the 'Download' tab at All features and options are accessed from an easy to use, floating toolbar. The software provides dual colour highlighting, text magnification, a dictionary, a translator, an MP3 maker, and screen masking tool.

Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery is committed to the provision of equitable access and community engagement, regardless of age or disability. The integration of BrowseAloud has helped fulfil this promise by providing accessible literacy resources and delivering an equal level of service for Belleville's citizens. The solution also helps the Library comply with the recently enforced Accessibility Standard for Customer Service (see note to editors).

Trevor Pross, Interim CEO, notes "With the integration of the Browsealoud software throughout our website, our customers now have more options when interacting with the Library and Gallery online. We are happy to offer our customers who have difficulty with print the ability to listen to our entire website from their home computers or while using our free Library computers."

Adding BrowseAloud to your website makes your content accessible to 24% of the population who require online reading support. Other Canadian organizations have recognized the benefits and enabled the solution; City of Waterloo, Government of Ontario, Standards Council of Canada and Ontario's Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

For further information about BrowseAloud, visit, call: 877-778-6977, or email Samantha on

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