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BrowseAloud - BrowseAloud for Windows is a solution that allows you, the website visitor, the option of having website content read aloud. BrowseAloud is free to download and you have control over the voice, speech highlighting and word pronunciations. You may also create MP3 files of website text, and read hosted PDF and Microsoft Word documents. BrowseAloud also features translation and dictionary functionality, which can be used to define and translate selected words.

BrowseAloud Options dialog box - you use this dialog box to set up BrowseAloud to work in the way that you want. For example, you can use it to change the voice and control what you want read aloud.

BrowseAloud popup menus - Right-click on the BrowseAloud icon in the system tray. A menu appears allowing you to show or hide the Toolbar, and to exit BrowseAloud.

BrowseAloud / speech-enabled website - a website that works with BrowseAloud so that you can read the web page content aloud.

Directory - contains a group of files and/or other directories. Files are kept organised by storing related files in the same directory. A directory contained inside another one is called a subdirectory of that directory. Together, the directories form a hierarchy or tree structure.

Keyboard access - the ability to use your keyboard to access and use the facilities provided by BrowseAloud.

Mouse hovering - a method by which BrowseAloud can read text aloud. You simply hover your mouse over an area of text to have it read aloud.

Non-streaming voices - voices you can use to read text aloud. These voices are good if you have a slower Internet connection and want high security. The advantage of using these type of voices are that when browsing secure websites your private information is not sent across the Internet. BrowseAloud will always use these type of voices on secure sites.

Streaming voices - voices you can use to read text aloud. These voices provide speech from an online speech engine. The advantage of using these type of voices is that they are higher in quality yet do not require a large download.

System tray - this is at the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen. It usually contains icons of commonly used applications, such as the Time and Volume controls.

Text selections - a method by which BrowseAloud can read text aloud. You must highlight the area of text before instructing BrowseAloud to read it aloud, via the Play button.

Translator – BrowseAloud allows you to translate single words on enabled sites. You may translate to and from English, French, Italian and German.

Dictionary - BrowseAloud allows you to search for dictionary definitions for single words on enabled sites.


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