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BrowseAloud 6

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faqI am using Firefox and have BrowseAloud installed and also trying to use BrowseAloud Plus but the BrowseAloud Plus Panel is not appearing correctly?

faqDoes BrowseAloud read Accessible Text in Flash in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8?

faqUsing Firefox on Windows 8 when I have installed BrowseAloud does it need to be restarted for BrowseAloud plugin to be installed?

faqA blue arrow is appearing in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 when speaking selected text and using hover highlighting?

faqUsing Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 why can I not use MP3 whole page selection?

faqIs BrowseAloud compatible with Windows 8?

faqIs BrowseAloud compatible with Adobe 11?

faqCan BrowseAloud be deployed across a Network?

faqDoes BrowseAloud work with Firefox 12?

faqBrowseAloud is referenced in a Microsoft support article with regards to Add-ons and Internet Explorer 9 incompatibility, what should I do?

faqIs BrowseAloud available in International languages?

faqAre Reader 10 and Acrobat 10 supported?

faqHow to I get BrowseAloud to read in Firefox 3.6 and above?

faqIs it safe to use BrowseAloud to read Secure sites?

faqHow to I get BrowseAloud to read in Firefox?

faqI am using Word 2007 and BrowseAloud will not read the document.

faqSome of the features on my BrowseAloud Toolbar are out of position, why is this?

faqWhy can I not access the HQ Streaming Voices?

faqWhy will BrowseAloud not read Flash on my Website even though there is a tick through the BrowseAloud icon in the System Tray?

faqHow do I get BrowseAloud 6 to read PDF's on an enabled site?

faqWhat are the Technical Specifications for BrowseAloud?

faqHow do I stop BrowseAloud starting everytime I start my computer?

faqWhat is the limit of words I can convert to MP3?

faqHow do I know if a website is speech enabled using BrowseAloud?

faqWhat versions of Word are supported with BrowseAloud 6?

faqI am moving my mouse over a Word document, but the text is not read?

faqWhen I click on the minimise button on the BrowseAloud Toolbar, it disappears.

faqWhich versions of Adobe are supported by BrowseAloud 6?

faqWhy is there no shortcut for BrowseAloud 6 on the Start menu?

faqHow many words are in the online Dictionary?

faqCan I control BrowseAloud without a mouse?

faqWhen I am using BrowseAloud a red icon appears on the mouse cursor and it will not read, why?

faqHow do I remove BrowseAloud 6?

faqHow to I get the text to be read in the Dictionary Window?

faqWill BrowseAloud 6 work with Windows 7?

faqHow do I get the text to be read in the Translator Window?


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